Most children die within 24 hours of being admitted in the hospital. This can be prevented if the children are administered with treatment earlier and would not have to wait for the doctors to take care of them.

This can be negated by employing a rapid triage of treatment to the children in case of their emergency admission and hopefully lead to immediate emergency care.


We provide quality healthcare to our newborn as well as little children and we build up a trust to ensure that your baby is in the right hand. We assist various programs to ensure that your baby is always healthy. We do have an expert pediatrician and neonatologist who provide counseling to the parents related to immunizations, infection control, growth planning, and diet schedule as well. Siya Ram Multispeciality Hospital is the best for pediatric care in Faridabad where you can visit for a consultation.

Our pediatric department runs 24*7 whenever a medical emergency is required and we provide comprehensive multispecialty care to the child. Our reputed medical professionals are expert to handle major and minor complications related to the baby. We also stress on immunizations and also arrange for a post-natal program where we give counseling and guidance to understand the importance of vaccinations.


Dr. Ashok Grover

Gold Medalist


During this COVID-19 Pandemic, not need to step out of our home. We are here available for Online Consultation also.

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