Orthopaedics is the surgical specialty that deals with disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system and employs both surgical and non-surgical procedures for treating musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumours, and congenital conditions.


We do have expert orthopedics that have excellence in treating injuries like bones, joints, ligaments injuries and curing sports injuries, arthroscopic procedures, etc. Our team of experts will work with you at each step to help you improve your range of motion, mobility along with the quality of your life. We do offer in treating various problems associated with injuries, muscles, tendons or any other problems connected with accidental injury or sports injury, etc.

We combine research along with patient treatments and the latest technology for reducing the devastating toll that orthopedic disorders might have on you. Our doctors are committed to providing an effective solution to a broader range of ortho conditions which are as follows:-Fractures, Slipped Disc, Sports Medicine, Adult Reconstruction, Elbow, shoulder, spine, etc. Our department is dedicated to providing an expert treatment that is related to musculoskeletal injuries including in or outpatient surgical care & rehabilitation.


Dr. Naman Gupta

MBBS, MS (Safdarjung)


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