Siya Ram Multispecialty Hospital is one of the reliable pinnacle names in medication & healthcare, that is situated in the heart of city Faridabad. Siya Ram Multispecialty Hospital, formerly Grover Nursing Home was founded by Dr.Ram Lal Grover in 1974. Hospital was inaugurated by Shri Shri Swami Harmilap Ji Maharaj, who dedicated his whole life to serve humanity. Dr.Ram lal Grover and his team have put in efforts for running the hospital with all the zeal and hard work for patients’ benefit.

We are a team of dedicated and hard-working professionals. We assure you of the state-of-art medical services and facilities of comparable hospitals, yet accessible to all an affordable price.

We provide an attractive and welcoming environment for patients and visitors with light, airy public spaces, comfortable waiting areas and modern consulting rooms. The patients will benefit from the new modern facilities and many departments under one roof. We have doctors, well trained from reputed institutions like PGI Rohtak, AIIMS, Safdarjung Hospital.


The mentor & director of SIYA RAM MULTISPECIALTY HOSPITAL is Dr. Ramesh Grover. He is a kind hearted and highly humorous person. He has worked day and night to streamline smooth working of the hospital. He has looked into every activity in the hospital personally and gave his valuable input for the same. He has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector, including hospital operations, infrastructure planning, projects, service excellence, and quality management.

He has experience in running clinical and non-clinical operations, formulation and execution of growth strategy, and implementing operational excellence strategies.


Dr. D.S Choudhary is a person of par degree in Laparoscopy & General Surgery in the field of Medical Research. His positive attitude, supportive nature and expertise in this field becomes a boon to the patient, he is a treasure house of knowledge, experience and skills but still approachable and friendly. He has also put in his efforts for improving the facilities for the patients in the center.





During this COVID-19 Pandemic, not need to step out of our home. We are here available for Online Consultation also.

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